Image © Carina Skrobecki

We are Julia and Yuriy Manchik, also known as Mr & Mrs Globetrot. We are photographers (weddings + lifestyle), based in Seattle, WA. Following our wedding, we took off on a 6 month journey to see the world together. Ever since, we can’t stay home for long.

Most people we’ve talked to want to travel, but don't think it’s realistic. It isn’t, unless you just do it. There will be sacrifices made, but we believe it doesn’t have to be expensive and you don’t have to wait until you retire. Kids can come with you. Work can wait. Travel has been life-changing for us. The sooner you go, the more years of your life you will get to enjoy the memories and learning experiences. We hope that by sharing our travel stories on the blog and travel keepsakes in the shop, we can push more people to pack their bags and live the life they dream about.

The world is big and life is short so you can't start traveling soon enough.

Thank you for joining us on our adventure.


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